How To Make Beef Burger ?

I captured an hour shift required. A cooking, show, guys amazing, to be in the kitchen, giving your favorite recipes and ideas and things we love to make up on anywhere. This recipe, which I did make is a is a burger.

This is the way you can make your home burger at home and in your kitchen guys. Please enjoy the recipe and subscribe to the youtube channel. Leave a comments in the description box. Tell a friend and a friend to not forget a lot more recipes.

A lot more ideas and a lot of things will be coming from chef, recurrent team, and this is the way. Oh, you make your homemade burger. What’s, the make it burger? You can cook it off in the oven for roughly 35 to 40 minutes and a medium-sized eat, alright guys.

So anyway, I have another video which I will be uploading on my youtube channel or I did the whole recipe or I cook it on everything, but I like to make my burger and put it down and let me soak you know I mean so please enjoy The recipe subscribe and leave a comments in the description box tell a friend and a friend and a friend stay tuned nice.

I love a welcome back in a kitchen ago, a chef for color cooking show that is amazing to be in the kitchen, give any a favorite recipes and ideas. Anyway, I don’t, go to show you, oh you can make yourself some fresh homemade, burger, okay and I’m by a buy some mints right here.

This is the purple means for making burger. So what I’m going to do is this. I’m gonna be using some garlic first, alright, so put some gloves that’s, the first cup of garlic, if it doesn’t have one of these at home.

You need to get one guys. It’s very good and, as I said, shut recorder handle on the website and you can get your watch that’s. The second clove of garlic Turco love garlic for the clove of garlic, fish Cove of garlic cut.

This is rough labott. Ah, we see how much killers, often beef mince, I’ve, been using. So this is um 750 grams of minced, nothing using all right so that to four co-workers got left in stupid inside of it now the board vodka, a minute it’s better for the mince, especially limit.

Oh man, she’s. Burning need some garlic, any guys nice. I love it. Okay, so right here that’s, the garlic I’ll, put in some bass, and I have a large white on it, which I’m, going to be cuttin up. Very finely to put inside of it not chalky, very finely so that’s.

The garlic inside [, Music, ] [, Music, ] nice, one that’s, the white [, Music, ], [, Music, ] love to say you have to have a large white one inside of it. Alright, I’m, going to put a 1/2 teaspoon of their natural blend in season of a lot of natural blending.

Since guys love nice, I may put a little bit of the cage and see I have a little spice little bit of Cajun season. A few more a large table teaspoon, so I need to put some paprika yep. This is a proper cover that up with rough number of teaspoon of paprika, [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], just one of the every day season and a teaspoon of bad purpose season.

Mixture of is moss 1/2 teaspoon of expert. I’m, not stop. Put some, I know have some breadcrumbs alright to a large tablespoon of breadcrumbs. You can get breadcrumbs in the supermarket divide. Just two large tablespoon, not gonna believe now, but that’s a little bit: [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ].

Yes, I love the guy says I can see exactly everything which I just put inside of it. So you need something: loves, [ Applause ], so we got ta. Do more, not like this all right, telling advice. This is amazing.

Water for garlic, white one and come around sees nothing [, Music, ], [, Music, ], nice and lovely. As I can see exactly what’s taking place right there, [ Applause ] perfect. This is perfect. Alright, so basically we’re gonna make some bourbon.

Oh alright! I have this lid. I’m, just gonna be using this lid. Some people make it by heart, but I like to use this lid to make my beretta alright. So I’m just short by planting. So what I do is just put a piece of trim flip me over the lid and then no more burning like this.

So I did earlier. Let’s, get a tray rather than fiber, going on [ Music. ] love me so that’s, the way that I do my purpose all right guys as you can see exactly what’s going on right here, that’s! The way I’m gonna.

Do it all right so that’s? The first Burger is already done: [, Music, ] second burger [, Music, ], Dargo, [, Music ]. I’m, not gonna be cooking. My burger today but as I say when you live in the kind of scoop them in the oven for 30 minutes, I’m.

Yes, mark 8r, yes MA. Seven are 175 [, Music, ] crophopper, that is beef burger, so just use it huh seems of Bristol. Oh, you know just like this, so that’s. All you know I’m going to eat a burger. After you made them yep, okay, another one to hold [ Music ] – that’s! All you make you forego.

Your original me fell off that shuttle cutoff. So for you to cook these, you need to make sure preheat oven once preheat oven guys. Then let’s, the press them out like this and life, another 100 %, never cook, really good.