6 Ways To Use Your Food Waste

Hey guys so today i’m. Finally, bringing you the video that i’ve, been promising for what? How long? Now i don’t know we’re gonna go over some recipes that you can make from leftovers or from scraps, and the first recipe is actually one that i ‘

Ve already showed you guys, so this is the grape jam that i made from a previous video which should be popping up on the screen right now, in which i used the pulp from um making grape juice. So i want to show you what else you can do with your pulp, but not from making juice this time from your almond, milk or whatever, that milk and then those videos.

I think i have told you guys that you can just dry this out and use it as almond flour as it is, but another thing you can do with it. While you’re baking, it anyway is just make granola. So i’m, dedicating this recipe to my brother, actually, because he saw one of my videos where i made pistachio milk and he’s like listen.

I love pistachios way too much just throw away the pulp afterwards. So what could i do with it, and i used the following ingredients and if, like me, you were also thinking at this moment, you could just let the coconut flakes out that’s.

All you gonna use that’s. All i had stop judging and by the way you can substitute any of these ingredients for anything that you want to. So you don’t have to use maple syrup. You can use another type of liquid sweetener like coconut nectar.

If you want this to be low glycemic, so you don’t have to use pumpkin seeds, you don’t even have to use oats. It’s completely up to you. So this is just the recipe that i was going for because you know classic cinnamon maple syrup.

You can even use um apples that would be perfect in this or use other dried fruit like raisins again totally up to you feel free to use a neutral tasting oil if you would like to especially if you want to really crisp up your ingredients, but i Just decided to omit it, but i’m going to leave it just like this, just because i really want to get rid of that excess water.

Then i’m, going to go ahead and bake that, but making sure that i’ve, take it out and flip it halfway through, and this was me tasting it to see. If i like, you know like where it was at, but as you can see from all of the divots that i’ve created, i snacked on quite a bit of this because it smelled so good fresh out of the oven.

I couldn’t, help myself so side. Note. If you have a partner, kids roommates, they’re, going to swarm your kitchen when they smell this. So if you are able to actually stop yourself, then you want to leave what little is left to cool once that’s completely cooled i’ll, then put it into an airtight container.

There you go if you make a big enough batch, depending on how often you use it. You & # 39; ve got granola either for the week or for the month, and if you watch my what i eat in a week videos, then you already know that i’m gonna put this on a parfait, despite the fact that i Don’t actually even eat that much yogurt in my videos i feel like it seems like i do, though, and again, if you’ve seen my all-in-one video, then you know that i also use fresh, vanilla bean.

So another thing that i save is those vanilla pods because they are way too expensive to be throwing away other than making like vanilla sugar hands down. One of the best things you can do with these is make your own simple syrup, and if you’ve seen any of my sugar videos, then you ‘

Re, probably scared right now, but trust me it’s. Okay, cause it’s, not gonna be that complex, because we’re, not gonna cook this nearly as long so you just want to simmer it on low to medium heat until all of the sugar crystals dissolve you don’t need to touch it.

You don’t need to stir it. In fact, it’s better. If you just leave it alone and that’s, it you’re done. Put it in your coffee, help put it in your matcha. If you want to hands down my favorite way to use, this is in a cold brew, ice latte.

So you guys have probably also seen me make this in a previous video, where i make a really strong brew of coffee make that into ice cubes and then put that in your milk of choice. It is you got a vanilla bean latte time i’m doing this voice over i don’t.

Remember anything, but i got all this stuff written down in the description box down below so feel, free to check that out for details and for links to any of the stuff that you see in my kitchen. No, i love a good cool fresh juice, so i usually have some type of citrus peel laying around and again i hate to keep saying it.

But if you’ve, seen my what i eat in a week, videos, you probably know that i will generally just put these in some vinegar for um, like an all-purpose, cleaner. Another thing you can do with those peels is again make a simple syrup or add in some real fruit and juice and make a marmalade, but what i’m gonna do today is actually turn this into tea, because again, like i said i Do not drink coffee very often it’s.

Definitely a once in a while type of thing. I have it on stash, but don’t actually eat it. That often what i do drink on the regular, though, is tea. [, Music, ], [, Music ] play this is a perfect blend to not only warm you up.

It really gets you like cozy and in the fall mood so to the orange peels. I’m, actually adding some cinnamon. So i’ve. Just taken the bark and sliced right down the center of it and then roughly chopped it up, you can also break it apart with your hands, and i’m, also gonna add some clove and a little bit of black tea.

I’m only using about two teaspoons here, but the great part about this guys is that you can blend this. However, you want to again feel free to add the actual dried fruit. Instead of just doing the peel, you can do full on slices here.

I’m, just showing you guys what you can do with the leftovers or the stuff that you would normally discard, which now brings me to the most obvious and definitely hands down the easiest recipe which is stock.

Here i have taken all of my scraps out of the freezer, so basically anytime, you peel an onion cut off the roots, chop off any pieces from your vegetables that you would normally throw away or put down the garbage disposal, like the top of your garlic or The inside of your bell, peppers, even the leaves on your scallions, that haven’t gone bad, but they’re, just kind of dried out and ashy.

Looking all that stuff keep it just put it in the freezer, and i’m literally just gonna go straight to boiling it with water, nothing fancy! So this i put on medium heat and i just let it simmer uncovered yeah.

I think i did go a whole hour, so i did start with six cups, because that was all that my pan could handle, but depending on how much stock you want to make and how much flavor you want to add to it, you can definitely do more And also feel free to add herbs, which is exactly what we’re about to do now.

So i’m making more stock. This time we’re, doing a no chicken version, and the only difference is that now i’m being a little bit more mindful of the ingredients that i’m putting into it so feel free to save everything.

But this time we’re, not going to use everything because we kind of want to stay in the same color family. Here i’m using yellow onion orange and yellow bell pepper as well as carrots, and, if, like me, you are not just using the bits that you cut off your onion but are also using the skin.

Just remember that you do want to clean it first, while we’re eating things that come from the ground, we ain’t trying to ingest actual soil, and here it’s. Going to look like i’m using a lot you don’t need this much you don’t need all of these things.

You can just use some of these ingredients, so no you don’t need onions and leeks and scallions. You can just use celery, onion and carrot. I was really looking to develop some good flavor, so i’m.

First, actually sauteing all of these ingredients, which is why i cut them up and i put in some granulated garlic and then i’m going to add in my water and then i’m going to add in all of my herbs. So here i’m using sage parsley, thyme and i want to use bay leaf, but i couldn’t find them at this point, but keep in mind they don’t have to be fresh, but i do recommend that You use the whole plant if you are going to use dried, because if you’re using the spices from your cabinet, you’re, just going to have a bunch of bits floating around it’s, just going to be More annoying when you go to strain this now, do you keep in mind? These are only going to keep for a few days in the refrigerator, but if you want to make a bunch at one time feel free to freeze it and there you go, you’ve got broth on hand whenever you need it.

So i have this giant ice cube, tray, which i just feels like safe space and i feel like i’ve, been going on forever.