Simplest Way To Cook Delicious Truly Delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice (Khao Man Gai) ?

Truly Delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice (Khao Man Gai). How to Cook Hainanese Chicken Rice. Hainanese chicken rice is a dish of poached chicken and seasoned rice, served with chilli sauce and usually with cucumber garnishes. It was created by immigrants from Hainan in southern China and.

Truly Delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice (Khao Man Gai) Recipe for Hainanese Chicken Rice & Chili Dipping Sauce. Why you MUST exfoliate your chicken This is my family recipe for Hainanese Chicken Rice and I'll show you step by step instructions. Authentic Hainanese chicken rice is a simple dish of poached chicken and rice cooked in chicken stock. You can cook Truly Delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice (Khao Man Gai) using 14 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Truly Delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice (Khao Man Gai)

  1. Prepare 2 of Chicken thighs.
  2. You need 2 clove of Garlic.
  3. You need 1 stalk of Japanese leek or green onion (the green part).
  4. Prepare 1 of Cilantro root (if you have).
  5. You need 1 tbsp of ● Fish sauce.
  6. It’s 1 tsp of ● Sugar.
  7. You need 1 tsp of ● Soy sauce (Thai soy sauce if you have).
  8. Prepare 2 tbsp of ● Sake.
  9. You need 1/3 of to 1/2 teaspoon ● Salt.
  10. It’s 600 ml of Water.
  11. You need 360 ml of Long grain rice (Thai or Pakistan rice).
  12. It’s 1 of Tauchu-Style Sauce,.
  13. It’s 1 of Cilantro.
  14. You need 1 of Cucumber, tomato and etc..

For those new to it, Hainanese Chicken Rice is a dish primarily attributed to Malaysia and Singapore although versions exist in Thailand (khao man gai) Vietnam (com ga) and Indonesia as well. Tender chicken, chicken-fat-infused rice, and gingery dipping sauce, it's a classic for a reason! The traditional way to make Hainanese chicken rice is a bit of a project. You can find that method in my older post here, but basically you gotta poach a whole chicken, which takes a long time and a very.

Truly Delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice (Khao Man Gai) step by step

  1. Put the water, seasonings marked ●, crushed garlic, cilantro root, and green part of the green onion in a pot. Cook until the water is reduced to 2/3..
  2. Add the chicken thigh (remove the excess fat beforehand) in the reduced soup. When it comes to a boil again, cook the chicken skin side down for 3 minutes. Cover with a lid, and turn off the heat..
  3. Leave the pot with the lid on for 20 minutes or longer to let it cook the chicken in residual heat. When it is cooked, take out the chicken from the pot, and strain the broth..
  4. If you slice the chicken when it is still warm, it will fall apart, so let it cool down first before you slice. Wrap it to keep the moisture while cooling down..
  5. Taste the strained broth, and season with salt if necessary. Use 400-420 ml of the broth to cook rice. If you don't have enough amount of the broth, add water to fill up..
  6. Rinse the Thai rice briefly, and put in the pot, used for making the broth, or in a rice cooker. Add the broth. If you use a rice cooker, fill the broth as following the water gauge in the cooking pan!.
  7. Cover with a lid, and cook over high heat and bring it to a boil. Cook for 1-2 more minutes, and turn down the heat to low. Cook over low heat for 10-12 minutes (to cook 2 rice cooker cups of rice). Turn off the heat, and leave it with a lid for 10 minutes to steam the rice..
  8. [Helpful Hints] Wrap the sliced chicken with plastic film. When you turn off the heat after cooking the rice, place the chicken on top of the rice to steam and warm up. This step makes the chicken more delicious..
  9. [For Your Reference] If you cook short grain rice or if you cook with a rice cooker, use the amount of water as following. For short grain rice: less than usual. For long grain rice: same as usual..
  10. When the rice is steamed, serve it with the sliced chicken, cucumber and tomato although I didn't put tomato for this time..
  11. Enjoy the dish with the Tauchu-Style Sauceand generous amount of coarsely chopped cilantro if you like..
  12. Recipe for reference: This is also a popular Thai dish. The stir-fried basil and chicken with rice (Phad Ga Prao) -..

Khao Man Gai is the Thai version of a Hainanese Chicken and Rice. It is quite popular in Thailand, but not often served at Thai restaurants in the west. The dish consists of lightly seasoned boiled chicken, served at room temperature, along with hot steamed white rice that has been cooked in. Khao man gai or khao mun gai, literally meaning oily rice [with] chicken, is one of the most popular Thai dishes; it can be found everywhere in Thailand from It is originally from Hainan, China. In Thailand, khao man gai is served with cucumbers, chicken blood tofu, coriander, and a bowl of soup.