Learn How To Make Perfect 健康黄姜鸡饭 Healthy Biryani Chicken Rice ?

健康黄姜鸡饭 Healthy Biryani Chicken Rice. A recipe from an Indian Friend. Chicken, a good source of protein, unsaturated fatty acids. Condiments and spices, having many properties like, anti allergic, anti bacterial and many more.

健康黄姜鸡饭 Healthy Biryani Chicken Rice The chicken is poached in sub-boiling temperature, serve with chili sauce and ginger-garlic sauce, and with flavored rice. I think many would agree that Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南鸡饭 is almost like a national dish of Singapore. Many of us would be able to tell at first sight and first bite – whether the dish meets our high. You can have 健康黄姜鸡饭 Healthy Biryani Chicken Rice using 10 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of 健康黄姜鸡饭 Healthy Biryani Chicken Rice

  1. It’s of 鸡肉 Chicken (250g).
  2. It’s of 印度长米 Basmati rice (1 cup).
  3. Prepare of 红萝卜 Carrot (1/2).
  4. It’s of 洋葱 Onion (1).
  5. It’s of 蒜米 Minced garlic (1 tablespoon).
  6. You need of 肉桂 Cinnamon stick (1).
  7. You need of 八角 Star anise (2).
  8. You need of 黄姜粉,辣椒粉 Turmeric powder, paprika (1 tablespoon each).
  9. It’s of 胡椒粉 Pepper powder.
  10. It’s of 牛油 Butter (1 small cube).

Chicken Biryani – Rice, Biryani, Pulao The most simple and aromatic recipe of chicken biryani. Layering:Now spread a little clarified butter from the chicken gravy in a large pot. Spread a layer of rice over it. Basmati rice cooked with choice of meat or vegetable, blended with herbs and spices then garnished with egg, onion and lemon (Served with yogurt raitha and mirchi ka salam).

健康黄姜鸡饭 Healthy Biryani Chicken Rice instructions

  1. 用黄姜粉,辣椒粉,胡椒粉,牛油腌鸡肉5-10分钟 Marinate chicken with turmeric powder, paprika, pepper powder, butter for 5-10mins.
  2. 红萝卜切丝,洋葱切丁 Cut carrot into thin slices, cut onion into small cubes.
  3. 把所有材料放入电饭锅或压力锅 Put all the ingredients into rice cooker or pressure cooker.

Biryani is perhaps one of the most elaborate rice dishes. Of Moghul origin, it is cooked with lamb or chicken, streaked with saffron, and garnished with raisins DRAIN the rice in a colander, then place it on top of the chicken in the casserole. Pour the saffron milk over the rice, streaking it with orange lines. The Khan biryani is yet another elaborate and exotic rice delicacy made of marinated spiced chicken. Then add chicken, mint leaves rub the chicken well with this masalas and pour curd do not mix the curd, keep in the fridge for overnight.